• over 40 hours of listening. By the end of this course you will. • understand the component parts of music—rhythm, pitch, melody, harmony, form, etc. • develop a greater understanding of music in its various stages of development.

Music appreciation class

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Famous composers - free online music appreciation lessons These lessons are designed as music appreciation lessons for elementary school level (approximately grades K-3), and are completely online and free. I include a picture of the composer, and to keep it simple, and easy reading about the composer's life (biography). Music Apprec is designed to be an easy A and the online version is even easier. You probably will barely know you're taking a summer class. There's usually a few tests and online discussions.


Consider dynamics and its effect on music. Investigate form in music and how this involves the other elements of music.

Music appreciation class

Music Appreciation is an introductory course to music. Students will explore music’s various functionalities in order to gain a deeper understanding and appreciation for all types of music.

Suggested Grade Level: 9th grade level and up.
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Music appreciation class

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Listening to music and dancing to it is one way of appreciating music.
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Interest, taste and discrimination in music and its relationship to other art forms; survey of style  In this book, readers will learn practical tips and strategies to teach music appreciation online. As online education is a growing field, an increasing number of  Aug 6, 2020 Title, Music Appreciation.